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Choose one of the hottest entertainment trends for 2019 and...

LED Dancer with Hula Hoop

...Ignite your dance floor with a performance fueled by digital fire!


...Captivate your clients at your next corporate event!


...Add the "wow factor" to your next function with stunningly surreal entertainment!

A Glow Show For All Occasions


Hold your guests spellbound with a stunningly surreal fusion of music, dance, and light.  High-powered LED props are paired with white and silver costumes to reflect  bright bursts of colored  light.  These elements combine to create a visual feast that is sure to impress.  Choose a down tempo music set for an elegant effect or something high energy to rev your guests  and send your party into full throttle!

LED Isis Wings

Why Choose LED Dancers?


LED show, glow show, hula hoop dancer, LED hula hoop

Perfect for indoor events-hassle free-no fire permits required!

High powered "digital fire" mimics the color and intensity of fireworks

Audience can visualize intricate spinning patterns more readily than with fire

THE answer when fire is prohibited

Small Space compatible 

LED dancers can put on a more intimate show

Fireworks... Sans Pyrotechnics


An LED show / glow show is the perfect answer when your heart is saying "fireworks" but your venue, permits, or price tags are prohibitive.  The explosion of light and color in intricate patterns  set to music are sure to fit the bill-without any of the hassle or hazards associated with an actual fireworks display.

Indoor Event Entertainment

Because an LED show/ glow show doesn't carry the risks of a fire show,  it is well suited to events that are set indoors or at any venue where fire is prohibited.  A single performer needs only a 12'x12'x12' space (this can be less, if ceiling clearance allows for a small elevated stage) in which to perform.  The minimal space requirements also allow for a more intimate performance, enabling the performer to interact with the audience on a level not possible with the use of fire.

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