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On Seattle’s Proposed Fire Performance Guidelines

On Seattle’s Proposed Fire Performance GuidelinesThe news of the day in the fire community is the debate over Seattle FD’s proposed new administrative rule 3.01.05, the stated purpose of which is”to provide guidelines to advise fire performance venues and artists of safety considerations and practices consistent with fire and life safety codes and public assembly […]

Thinking Inside The Box: Indoor Hoop Practice

Thinking Inside The Box: Indoor Hoop PracticeFire Dancers get as stir crazy as any outdoor/adventure sport enthusiast I know, when Mother Nature is being uncooperative for great lengths of time.In Southern California, the weather seldom drives us indoors. But not so long ago, I was based in a small town in the high desert, where […]

Spiritual Practices as Entertainment 4: Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry and Fire DancersSacred Geometry and Fire Dancers: Spiritual Practices As Entertainment Fiora Firefly demonstrates a triquetra with her for poi In the previous articles we have covered several spiritual practices that have made their way through the centuries and millenia to find themselves center stage as entertainment forms.  This installment in the series […]

Spiritual Practices As Entertainment: Sustained Spinning

Dervishes and Hoop Dancers/Spiritual Practices As Entertainment The first article in this series discussed the history of fire eating and its evolution from a demonstration of spiritual prowess to modern day entertainment. This article will focus on another practice, the term for the practitioners of which is quite familiar as a turn of phrase, though often […]

Spiritual Practices As Entertainment: Fire Eating

Spiritual Practices As Entertainment-The Fire EaterSpiritual Practices As Entertainment-The Fire Eater Fire Eaters have captured the imaginations of the masses for millennia. The daring act that we now know as a circus art, has a long history, steeped in spiritual archetype. This article is to be the first of a short series in which we […]

Fire As Entertainment-A User’s Guide

Fire Dancers, Fire Eaters, and Pyrotechnics, Oh My! For many of my clients,  booking a fire entertainer for the first time can be a bit of a mystery. Some are planning their first big event, without the benefit of professional assistance; others are event planners who simply have not hired fire performers before.  If you […]

Spring Party Ideas

Spring Party Ideas Spring is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to start planning your parties for the season. Here are a few ideas to help you shake the winter slumber and get those creative juices flowing.   For a casual get together full of laughs, an April Fool’s Party is […]

Choosing Event Entertainment

Choosing Event Entertainment 101Choosing Event Entertainment 101   With the dizzying array of event entertainment ideas on the market today, it can be hard to choose the right performer for your event. Here are a few guidelines for choosing entertainment that will best fit with your next affair. The first thing a planner should take […]

Hiring Event Entertainment 101

Hiring Event Entertainment 101Hiring Entertainment 101   If it’s your first time hiring event entertainment, you may not know what to expect. Here are some quick tips to help you navigate your way through this process and help to ensure that you hire entertainers that can deliver the show that you seek.   Be prepared. […]

Quick Tips For Throwing A Killer Holiday Party

Quick Tips For Throwing A Killer Holiday Party Throwing a great holiday get together need not be a tortuous affair. A little planning and a “KISS” protocol can greatly reduce the stress involved in planning a party that even the host may enjoy. Here are a few principles that will make your hosting experience a […]