Choosing Event Entertainment 101

Choosing Event Entertainment 101

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With the dizzying array of event entertainment ideas on the market today, it can be hard to choose the right performer for your event. Here are a few guidelines for choosing entertainment that will best fit with your next affair.

The first thing a planner should take into consideration is the nature of the event. Will it be in one area? How much space is available? Would your function be better served by a staged show or low key atmospheric entertainment? Some events, such as a wedding, anniversary, of grand opening, pair well with staged shows. They make a great finale or kickoff to a party where everyone is gathered in one area. The experienced planner will tend to pair events of a more social nature, like a corporate mixer or cocktail party, with ice breaker entertainment-walkabout or meet & greet performances are often used for this purpose. These also work well with ambient entertainment, as do those dance-all-night affairs, adding a certain atmosphere your event.

Ice Breaker Entertainment:

If you are looking for entertainment that will get your guests talking to one another, you can go one of two ways. The first is a meet and greet entertainer placed near the entrance of the party. Typically, this will be an act that requires a small to moderate sized space and requires minimal rigging. Try a contact juggler, fire eater, or living topiary (like a living statue, but a shrub). The second way to go about that would be to hire a walkabout entertainer, such as an “annoying guest” character, up close magician, or a mentalist. These entertainment types both interact directly with your guests and make great conversation starters. Walkabout entertainment works best where there is no rigging involved and few props, if any.

Ambient Entertainment:

Perhaps you are throwing a theme party or some other mixer where your desire is to use entertainment to set the mood, carry out your theme, or ignite your dance floor. This is where ambient entertainment comes in. This is generally entertainment that is high on visual impact but requires little space (although it can be used in a larger space) and little to moderate rigging. Contortionists, LED Shows / Glow Shows, fire eaters, and aerialists all make great choices.

Staged Shows: 

So you you are planning a grand opening or a wedding and want a show that will knock their socks off? If you have the space and a centralized location where your guests will easily gather, a staged show may be just what you are looking for. This is where you can use your entertainers that require more space & rigging. This is a great way to use a cirque act, aerial drummers, or a bigger fire show and/or pyrotechnics.

Fiora Firefly is a fire dancer and fire eater based in San Diego. Contact her to book fire dancing entertainment for your next event at [email protected]

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