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A Fire Show For Any Type Of Event

Fire Show, Fire Dancers, Fire Poi

Feature Shows

A fixed performance at a set time and stage location. Ranging from a 5 minute high-energy burst with a single fire performer, 12-15 mins or 20-25 min spectacles with multiple fire performers, depending on the nature of event. Features can occur on a stage, dance floor, poolside, or any area which serves as a focal point for the event guests to witness the performance simultaneously. The event's guests may already be aware of the upcoming fire show, or you may hire us as a surprise act. It is not uncommon for a client to need her for only a few minutes for visual impact!


Is your event something more of a social nature, where many things are happening, or where assembling all guests will be either impossible, or will detract from the event? Vignettes are a perfect mesh: shorter performances lasting about 5 minutes each during an extended duration, usually for one hour or more at events.

Ambient Performance

As your guests arrive at your next event, they step over the threshold and feel instantly as though they've stepped into another world...Do you need entertainment that will add a certain ambiance, with a taste of the dark and dangerous?  For events where the primary focus is networking or to boost the energy on or off the dance floor at your next party, an ambient performance with fiery style, is perfect to set the mood for your event.

Workshop / Interactive

Corporate team-building exercises & teaching children, adult groups, or event guests how to use and have fun with hula hoops or Maori poi. Not technically a

"fire show", but still a performance all its own.


Having trouble deciding? Sometimes a combination of the above fire show formats is the best fit for your event. Tell Fiora more about your event, and she'll gladly discuss what options may work best for you.


Fiora is happy to cater to your themed party. Contact her today to discuss your concept.

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