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Glossary Of Terms

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Fire Poi: (pictured left) An ancient art form, Polynesian tribes spun the flaming chains attached to the
wrists in fast circles around the head and body. Modern day fire dancers amaze their audiences with the incorporation of intricate patterns and sacred geometry!

Fire Snakes: Like the Fire Poi, but with more wick and less chain. These create a  breathtaking visual effect of sheets of fire, dancing around the performer's body!

Fire Contact and Eating: The art of igniting parts of the body, leaving lines of flame for show and ingesting hand held flaming wands for jaw-dropping theatrics.

Fire Breathing: Huge fireballs explode from the performer's mouth! (Not recommended for indoor shows.)

Fire Bo Staff: A long pole with fire wicks on each end. Staves are spun about the fire dancer's body and tossed in the air, creating extremely large circles of flame and manipulated to produce other visual effects that will astonish your audience!

Double Short Staff: Larger than batons, but smaller than a bo staff,

Fire Hula Hoop:   (pictured right) Fiery spokes extend from the hoop which is whirled about the head, neck, hips, and arms of the fire dancer in a dazzling display of daring and artistry!


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Fire Fingers:  (Below) Fire fingers add an element of drama and mystery to any dance routine. Long struts extend from the fire dancer's fingers, capped with flaming wicks, exaggerating the performer's movement to thrilling effect.

Palm Torches: Flames appear to float above open palms, adding a beautiful, hypnotic effect, as the fire dancer whirls and dances. 

Levitation Wand: A flaming baton, lit on both ends, suspended mid-air, sways and whirls around the performer's body, seemingly of it's own accord, as she dances.