Hiring Event Entertainment 101

Hiring Entertainment 101

Fire Dancers, Fire Fingers,


If it’s your first time hiring event entertainment, you may not know what to expect. Here are some quick tips to help you navigate your way through this process and help to ensure that you hire entertainers that can deliver the show that you seek.


Be prepared. You should be able to answer questions about:

1. Your event’s location (Indoor or out? How much space will this person have to perform? Will it be in a centralized location?),

2. Type (Is there a theme? Is it a dance party? A cocktail party?),

3. Timeline, &

4. Budget. It is wise to remember here that, as with anything else, you get what you pay for. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to break the bank, but bargain basement prices usually mean bargain basement quality. *Tip: If you have no idea what an aerialist or fire eater costs, check out search sites such as Gigmasters. While these sites charge if you book through them, glancing through a number of listings should give you an idea as to the price range for the type of entertainment you are considering.

The more information you have ready to discuss, the easier it will be for you and your potential entertainer to figure out a show that will be a natural fit with your party.


Ask for promotional material. This should include testimonials/letters of recommendation, audio material for DJs and musicians, and visual material for circus acts and visual artists.


Ask questions. If your act is carries a risk of danger, like fire dancers or knife jugglers, for instance, it’s wise to ask if they have insurance. You should also ask what an entertainer needs you to provide for their show. (This could include space requirements, equipment, or support personnel)


You want a contract, and you want to read it. Having an outline of what is expected of each party helps to insure that things roll along smoothly. This should include show time and duration, fees, method of payment, and any other requirements either party has.


Communicate. If anything changes between the time of booking and the time of the party, let your entertainment know. Many times they can help you sort out unexpected difficulties that may impact the integrity of their show by helping you locate required equipment, giving you pointers on acquiring a permit, or modifying their show to accommodate a change in space allotted or weather.  

Fiora Firefly is a fire dancer located in San Diego. Book a fire show for your next event at fiorafirefly.com.

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