Quick Tips For Throwing A Killer Holiday Party

8331094083_bd92f4c91b_zThrowing a great holiday get together need not be a tortuous affair. A little planning and a “KISS” protocol can greatly reduce the stress involved in planning a party that even the host may enjoy. Here are a few principles that will make your hosting experience a little easier.


Keep to finger foods. Keep them on separate serving dishes. Have them set up before your guests arrive. With the prevalence of food allergies and special diets in our culture, your guests will thank you if they can pick and choose without fear of cross contamination. Vegetable platters with dairy and nondairy dip choices, cheese and fruit, and confections, all plated separately are good choices.


If you are offering wine, 1-2 reds and 1-2 whites are a good option. Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc are good choices for pleasing a crowd as they are fruit forward and not too dry. Choose something heavier like a classic Cabernet or oh-so-trendy Malbec for that second red and a Chardonnay for white. When choosing beer, opt for seasonal brews. Serving cocktails? Make them up in batch, so it's pour and serve. As your guests arrive, greet them with a drink.


Dim the overheads and supplement with candles, string lights and other mood lighting. Have music playlists cued up so that you don't lose continuity and break the mood you've worked so hard to create.


When considering entertainment, think “short attention span.” In hiring a magician, fire performer, or other act, think short. (10-20 minute shows work best). Other options that work well with social events are ambient or walkabout entertainment.


Fiora Firefly is a fire dancer based in San Diego, CA. To book a fire show for your next party, contact her at: [email protected]


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