Sacred Geometry and Fire Dancers

Sacred Geometry and Fire Dancers: Spiritual Practices As Entertainment

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Fiora Firefly demonstrates a triquetra with her for poi

In the previous articles we have covered several spiritual practices that have made their way through the centuries and millenia to find themselves center stage as entertainment forms.  This installment in the series will be covering a spiritual and philosophical concept that has found itself a similar seat.

The concept of sacred geometry is based on the idea that all of (manifested, material) creation is based on certain, specific geometric shapes. These shapes, consequently, are ascribed specific meanings and are used as focal points for meditation. They are used in the construction of of theaters and sacred spaces such as houses of worship.  They are used in the creation of religious art.  Here are a few examples of sacred geometry with some of their ascribed meanings.  This list is not meant to be complete, by any means-it is far too complex a topic to delve into in a single article.  The purpose here is to give the reader a general idea.

  1. The circle-unity, wholeness
  2. The Vesica Piscis (2 circles overlapping-like a Venn Diagram)-god, goddess, and divine offspring.
  3. Triquetra (3 overlapping circles forming a 3 pointed “knot”)-holy trinity/maiden-mother-crone/life-death-rebirth
  4. Seed Of Life (7 overlapping circles, forming a 6 petaled flower)-completion of the 7 stages of creation

There are many, many more, including those of the Platonian solids.  Resources are abundant for the curious reader.  But what do these have to do with performance art?  In recent years the flow arts (object manipulation) community have been delving deeper into their art in many ways.  One of these is the conscious manipulation or their props, most notably poi, into these increasingly complex patterns around their bodies as a component of their performance.  Indeed, most LED and fire dancers have some pictures in their collection of at least one of these forms, painted in fire or bright light.  From toroids to seeds of life to triquetras, they always prove a crowd pleaser at a show.  To see why, just google “poi” along with any one of those shapes.

Fiora Firefly has been thrilling audiences of all ages with her dynamic fire dancing shows since 2008. To book a fire show for your next event, contact her at [email protected]

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