Spiritual Practices As Entertainment-The Fire Eater

Spiritual Practices As Entertainment-The Fire Eater

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Fire Eaters have captured the imaginations of the masses for millennia. The daring act that we now know as a circus art, has a long history, steeped in spiritual archetype. This article is to be the first of a short series in which we will explore spiritual practices as entertainment in the modern age.


To understand where to begin, one must have a basic grasp of the importance of fire, symbolically, across the religions of the world. The parallels are many, as they always are, when it comes to ideas. They tend to travel, and then to grow and to shape-shift with exposure to each new paradigm they encounter. Zoroastrianism, the parent of biblical religion, rose almost 4000 years ago. In that system, fire was considered to be one of the great purifying elements-so much so, that the Zoroastrians believed that (after death) their souls were exposed to fire and molten metal to burn away all of their wickedness. (Sound familiar?) In Hinduism, which is believed to have risen around the same period, if not shortly before, fire is both the giver of life and the bringer of death. Other traditions hold that fire is a kind of messenger between the terrestrial and the celestial.


The Ascetic Sects of the (Hindu) Sadhu and (Muslim Sufi) Fakir, were the first fire eaters. For these devout practitioners of their belief, it was not so much sideshow as it was a demonstration of spiritual attainment. Europeans, were so taken by these skills that they brought it home with them and, by the 3rd Century, BC, the fire eater was high entertainment for the royal courts of Ancient Greece. Fast forward to the late 19th Century and fire eating had become a standard sideshow act.


Now, in the 21st Century, fire eating is just one of many performance arts (both fire and non-fire) straddling the line between spiritual attainment (for the practitioner/performer) and mass entertainment. The fire eater may practice the art for his or her own fulfillment, and the planner may hire fire eaters to create an air of excitement to their event. The sense of danger will always have a draw, for both the performer and the spectator, as we are wired to seek out a sense of awe.


Fiora Firefly has been thrilling audiences of all ages with her dynamic fire eating and dancing shows since 2008. To book her for your next event, contact her at [email protected]

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