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Amazing San Diego entertainer Fiora Firefly is available for corporate and private events in the San Diego and surrounding areas.

If these companies can trust Fiora Firefly to make their events amazing, so can you!


Fiora Firefly is Available for Corporate and Private Events in all 50 United States!

San Diego Fire Breather
Fiora was an amazing addition to our party! She was incredibly professional and made the entire process easy and straightforward. The show was beautiful, affordable and we will remember it for
years to come. We hired her for a 70th birthday party, however I would highly recommend her for a variety of events!
Lara Brill

She is an amazing performer! Talented in many different props. Her costumes are elegant. She knows how to wow the crowd. Highly recommend if you are looking to bring the heat at your event and give your guests an experience to remember.
Michelle Gentilcore

Your Guests Won’t Remember the Food, the Music or the Decorations… They Will Remember the Entertainment!

Fiora performed a lovely and transfixing fire spinning show for the non-profit Sunday Assembly San Diego’s annual secular winter solstice party a few days ago and we are so appreciative. The feedback we got from the audience was fantastic, and you know it went well when the manager of the venue gushed about it! In the booking and planning process, Fiora was responsive and prompt, thoughtful and professional. She adjusted her routine to adapt to our time and music preferences, and knocked it out of the park. Thanks, Fiora!

Laura Heywood

A beautiful professional, kept in touch right up to my event and arrived ahead of time to make sure everything was perfect. Our guests loved her, she was the hit of the party!

Rosellen DiSimone

Normack Marketing

FIORA was AMAZING!!! She performed at our wedding in May. She was one of the highlights at our wedding. The guests absolutely LOVED her. She is very easy to work with and know that she put her heart in this work. She is thoughtful and makes sure everything goes smoothly during the performance! She is WONDERFUL. If you are uncertain whether or not to book her, JUST DO IT!

Dianna Quach

Who is Fiora Firefly?

Event entertainer with LED hula hoop

Fiora began performing as a fire dancer in 2006 and has since expanded her range to include over a dozen fire disciplines. She has performed at festivals, fundraisers, family, community, and corporate events, using fire, LED, other non-fire props and even making appearances as a live mermaid. Her crowd stopping performances never fail to thrill an audience. 

Is Fire Dancing Safe?

That’s the burning question on any new client’s mind. (Pun intended.) Fiora is a proven, safe professional, who takes every precaution to ensure that the illusion of danger is maintained, while keeping the actual risks to an absolute minimum. Trained in fire safety by a retired firefighter, she has worked closely with fire chiefs and marshals in Utah and throughout southern California. She’s certified in fire safety by the Flow Arts Institute, and adheres strictly to International Fire Performer Safety Organizations’ rules of conduct. She maintains an spotless safety track record, and a $5 million insurance policy that protects the client, property, and audience. She understands that you may be initially concerned about having fire as entertainment and welcomes any questions you may have about proper fire safety protocols.

Different Styles Of Performance To Make Your Event Unforgettable!

Fire Dancers For Hire

Fire Dancing is a contemporary circus art, combining the elemental beauty of fire with the visual appeal of juggling, and the grace and passion of dance. Fire Dancers leap, whirl and groove to music while manipulating objects such as hula hoops and classic martial arts weaponry (all aflame!) into stunning patterns of light. This breathtaking form of entertainment is guaranteed to bring the “wow factor” to any event.

LED Dancers For Hire

Is your an indoor event?  Many indoor venues are suitable for fire, depending on ventilation, amount of space and other considerations.  Is fire prohibited at your venue? For those where fire is considered unsafe, or prohibited for other reasons, Fiora offers high-powered LED performances that paint the night with “digital fire.”

LED dancers for hire

Prop Dancers for hire

Atmospheric Prop Dance Performance. For daytime and well lit indoor events,these vignettes are performed with metallic performance props. Performers dance while manipulating hoops, batons, and more into constantly changing geometric patterns to create a visual feast of your DJ’s or band’s music.

San Diego Variety Act

What my clients are saying…



Fiora performed for my Indian Princess tribe during our tribe’s summer campout. The age of the girls in our tribe is 8 – 12. There were about 30 girls and their dads. Fiora’s performance was absolutely amazing and the girls were totally awed. Fiora is an absolute professional. She answered the girls’ questions after the performance. When I asked the girls what their favorite part of the campout was they all said Fiora’s performance.


Mark Shields

I took the beginner poi class with Fiora Firefly in Moab, Utah. She taught us how to make our own poi with long socks and rice and how to move our body gracefully and in unison with the poi (and not get hit by them). My favorite was when we learned the butterfly movement, bringing both opposite rotating poi together and positioning our hands and fingers in a way that prevented the poi from hitting each other. Of course I took all the information Fiora taught me back to my home and immediately made all three of my kids their own poi and taught them how to do each of the movements I learned from her. It has been a blast doing this with glow sticks during camping trips with the family. I don’t know that I’ll ever be brave enough or good enough to play and work with fire the way she does, but the skills I learned taking her class was invaluable.


Nicole Finch

Fiora is a talented professional performer. Her shows stand out not only for the beauty and variety of fire tools used, but more for the way the audience is pulled in. If you are looking for captivated audience, you found your performer.


Scott Ketcham

By far the best Fire performer!!!
We had the pleasure of having Fiora Firefly do a performance at my Birthday party this weekend. Fiora was able to accomodate on short notice and arrive an hour earlier for set up. The stunts were absolutely amazing and she exceeded my expectation, the guest loved it and danced to the themed music that Fiora hand selected just for me! The performance props were phenominal, as soon as you think she was done with one she would start with another one and the act just kept getting better and better. Kept everyone entertained and surprised with breathing fire. The act was safe and fun, I would hire her over and over again any day. A must see.


Anya Springer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

San Diego, CA. is home base, but I often travel to perform at events.

How much does a show cost?

That depends on the package you choose. For complete details, including pricing, simply fill out this quick and easy form here.

Can a fire show take place indoors?

While there are elements to be considered (eg safety, alarms, ventilation, etc,) many indoor venues are suitable for fire shows. Where fire is not safe, I offer LED and other non-fire performance options. Please call for a consultation before booking an indoor fire show.

What are the technical requirements for the performance?

All performances require a green room for breaks, costuming and makeup touch-ups, and drinking water.

All dance performances require a minimum of 15’X15’X15′ to perform in. For larger groups, a wider or elevated stage area is recommended, so all the guests can see.

Atmospheric dance performance requires the client to provide danceable music (DJ/Band.) The performer does not supply the music for atmospheric performances unless a special arrangement has been made prior to booking.

Fire shows: add a 15′ buffer zone between performer and audience, furniture, decorations, and anything else potentially flammable. The performance area should be smooth, solid, and cleared of obstacles and slip/trip hazards. Fire and plastics don’t play well together, so fire shows are not available on artificial turf or carpeting. A dance floor or stage may be used in this instance. For indoor performances, vaulted ceilings, good ventilation, an outside fueling area and a clear pathway are needed.  Additional security and/or a fire permit may also be required. Please call for a safety assessment before booking an indoor fire show.

Mermaid entertainment requires a green room for breaks with a private area for changing, and a comfortable perch in a shaded area for dry performance.


What if I have to cancel/reschedule?

Your deposit ensures that your special date is reserved for you. If you cancel the date more than 30 days in advance, there is no additional charge. If the event date is less than 30 days away when cancelled, the full fee will be due within 1 week of the scheduled show date.

If you need to reschedule, I will do my best to fulfill your request. (I may not be able if the date you want has already been booked by another client.) If you are rescheduling less than 30 days before the contracted show date, additional fees may apply.

What if you are sick/injured and can't perform?

In the event of an unfortunate accident or illness, I will first try to find the best replacement entertainment for you, so that you don’t have to. I have an extensive network of performers, from fire to aerials to stilt walkers and clowns. The only thing you will have to do is let me know which available performer you would like to step in. If we can’t find someone that’s right for your event, you get a refund. That’s it. No hassle. You can breathe easier knowing that you are covered.

What if it rains?

Since fire performance is most commonly booked for outdoor events, clients are often concerned about potential weather issues. Even in San Diego, where we are blessed with mild weather, sometimes it rains, and sometimes the wind blows. When that happens on a night that I have been booked to perform, things usually go down in one of the following ways:

  1. It’s just a light drizzle, which is no problem because the props will still burn just fine. The show goes on.
  2. It pours, but only for a little bit, in which case we wait it out, and the show goes on. For whatever time you have booked your show, on your contract you will notice that I’ve included a 30-minute window for the start time. This is to help cover you in instances just like this one.
  3. Outside is just not happening tonight. We can move your show inside, with fire if permitted, or with LED or other non-fire props if the venue doesn’t meet fire safety specs. Either way, you are covered.
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