Ask Venue Before You Hire Fire Dancers for Parties

Anyone planning to hire fire dancers for parties should ask their venue first. Not all venues allow fire entertainment. Those that do have some restrictions. Know what your venue requires.

There is no point in hiring fire dancers for parties, only to find out last minute that you haven’t met the venue’s requirements. Your entertainment is your best guarantee for a memorable event. You don’t want the stress of finding out your entertainment fell through last minute because of an oversight.

Some of the most common venue restrictions include:

  • Insurance: Many venues require anyone performing with fire to carry insurance, and to list them on their policy. This includes fire breathers, fire eaters, and fire dancers. Not all fire performers are insured, so it’s important to ask before hiring fire dancers for parties.
  • Dance Floor or Stage Rental: If you plan to hire fire dancers to perform on artificial turf or inside a room with carpet, you need a dance floor or stage to protect the ground.
  • Location: While some venues do allow fire performance inside, many do not. If they do, they may have additional restrictions. These can include specific rooms or areas.
  • Fire Permits: Some venues only require a fire permit for indoor fire entertainment. Some require one for any fire performance. Here in San Diego, we have several fire districts. Each district has their own rules and point of contact. Depending on where you are in Southern California, permitting can take anywhere from one to six weeks. The paperwork can be tricky for the uninitiated. The closer you are to the deadline for your district, the more important it is you find a performer who is adept at acquiring fire permits.

When a client reaches out to me,  I ask them where their event is being held, and if the venue allows fire dancers for parties. I also talk with the venue contact directly. I make sure we meet all of the requirements. That way, my clients never have to worry about missing an important requirement that can come back to haunt them later.

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