7 Hot Tips for Hiring a Fire Performer without Getting Burned


Dear planner,

Fire is inherently dangerous. That’s exactly why fire performance can add more “wow factor” than nearly any other type of entertainment. But, there are two ways to go about a fire show: the safe way…or recklessly.

The entertainer you choose can easily determine which way your show goes.

Currently, in much of the US, there are no prerequisites to calling oneself a professional fire performer. Anyone can create up a listing, make a Facebook page or website, and start booking shows.

It really is that easy.

That leaves you, the potential client – with no training or experience in fire performance safety – stuck figuring out who you should, and should not, hire.

There’s a distinct lack of resources on fire performance safety specifically designed for the layperson. So here you are, getting ready to hire a fire breather or fire dancer for a party…with no idea where to begin.

In the absence of better information, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest performer, rather than the most qualified to deliver a safe, professional performance.

But a wrong choice could cost you your reputation as a planner, or worse. That’s why I’ve put together this free report for you.