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Thank you for your consideration and taking the time to request package and pricing information. Quality and reliable entertainment that gets your guests’ attention and keeps them engaged is one of the major keys to making both your sangeet and your wedding day celebrations dynamic, unique and impressive.

Making your special day memorable is a challenging task. You want it to be fun & extra special, colorful and extravagant. That’s where I come in.

I’ve been entertaining with fire and light tools for over a dozen years and I’m one of a very small handful of professional fire performers in the area. I’ve worked with wedding venues all over southern California.

Special events, just like yours, are all I do and I take pride in treating each and every event like it’s my own. When you invite me to entertain for your wedding, I put all my years of experience to work so you can trust that my performance will leave the impression on your guests that you’re looking for.  From the reservation process until the completion of the event I take pride in making the entertainment portion of your planning a stress free experience. I use my years of experience to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible and in turn, MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A ROCK STAR!

Read on below to learn about my Fire, LED and Non-Fire Prop Dance, and see why you can safely rely on me to make your wedding unforgettable.


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4  Entertainment Options Guaranteed To Make Your Wedding More Fun, More Memorable, More Incredible, More Awesome, And More Enjoyable…


Fire Dance

Even after you see this you won’t believe it. And if plain old fire dancing isn’t enough “wow” for you, we can heat it up even more with flame effects and fire breathing!


LED Dance

Venue not fire friendly? We have LED dance packages.


Prop Dance

During the day or in well lit venues, fire and LED props can be difficult to see due to the ambient light. If your wedding fits this description, check out the prop dance package.


~15 minute Continuous Solo Routine

Basic Level Feature Show. Fiora brings her act center stage for a truly seamless solo fire dance routine. This act is designed to build excitement throughout the show, as Fiora effortlessly manipulates one prop after another, each with bigger flames than the last. She holds the audience’s attention with stunning feats that grow more and more daring. Always a crowd pleaser!


From: [switch field=”zone” a=”$500″ b=”$570″ c=”$948″ d=”$800″ e=”$900″ default=”Please call for pricing”]



~30 minute Continuous Duo Routine

Turn up the heat with double the performers and double the excitement. The Inferno package includes a fire breathing finale that will blow their minds!



From: [switch field=”zone” a=”$1000″ b=”$1070″ c=”$1568″ d=”$1800″ e=”$2900″ default=”Please call for pricing”]


~40 minute Continuous Trio Routine

An hour of vignettes precede the main stage act to warm up the guests for the main attraction. Then three performers light up the night with an extended show that includes all the bells and whistles, from dazzling flame effects to an explosive the fire breathing finale!


From: [switch field=”zone” a=”$1500″ b=”$1570″ c=”$2047″ d=”$2800″ e=”$2900″ default=”Please call for pricing”]



10 minute feature act

LED Performance. This show injects bursts of light and color to events staged in very low to no light. The darker the room, the more stunning the visual effects will be, as your performer(s) manipulate high tech LED props while dancing to your DJ or band’s music. When inquiring about this package, please indicate the number of hours & performers you’d like.


From: [switch field=”zone” a=”$300″ b=”$370″ c=”$817″ d=”$1800″ e=”$2900″ default=”Please call for pricing”]



10 minutes 3X/hour

Atmospheric Prop Dance Performance. For daytime and well lit indoor events,these vignettes are performed with metallic performance props. Performers dance while manipulating hoops, batons, and more into constantly changing geometric patterns to create a visual feast of your DJ’s or band’s music. When inquiring about this package, please indicate the number of hours & performers you’d like.


From: [switch field=”zone” a=”$300″ b=”$370″ c=”$817″ d=”$1800″ e=”$2900″ default=”Please call for pricing”]


“Hire her Immediately. She is amazing. She was very professional, very easy to work with and puts on an A+ act. You’ll “ooooooh” you’ll “ahhhhhhh” you’ll even “woaaaaaaah!!” Your jaws will bon the floor. If you have the space and qualifying environment, I highly recommend you hire Fiora. Your guests will be talking about your party for months and months and to come. She’s Great!!! 



Lisa Shephard

FIORA was AMAZING!!! She performed at our wedding in May. She was one of the highlights at our wedding. The guests absolutely LOVED her. She is very easy to work with and know that she put her heart in this work. She is thoughtful and makes sure everything goes smoothly during the performance! She is WONDERFUL. If you are uncertain whether or not to book her, JUST DO IT!


Dianna Quash

We LOVE Fiora!!!!!!!!

Don’t hesitate, book Fiora now! She was one of the best performers I have ever seen! Super professional,
on time and did not disappoint. She also nailed the music and chose songs my husband loved. She made a night my family will never forget. I am going to book her again for my next big event. Thank you Fiora!


Nancy Pierce

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical requirements for the performance?

All performances require a green room for breaks, costuming and makeup touch ups, and drinking water.

All dance performance require a minimum of 15’X15’X15′ per performer. For larger groups, a wider or elevated stage area is recommended, so all the guests can see.

Atmospheric dance performance requires client to provide danceable music (DJ/Band.) Performer does not supply the music for atmospheric performances, unless a special arrangement has been made prior to booking.

Fire shows: add a 15′ buffer zone between performer and audience, furniture, decorations, and anything else potentially flammable. Performance area should be smooth, solid, and free and clear of obstacles and slip/trip hazards. Fire and plastics don’t play well together, so fire shows are not available on artificial turf or carpeting. A dance floor or stage may be used in this instance. For indoor performances, vaulted ceilings, good ventilation, an outside fueling area and clear pathway between the two are needed. Additional security may also be required. Please call for a safety assessment before booking an indoor fire show. Indoors or out, please inquire with your venue, as they may have additional requirements concerning fire performance. 

Mermaid entertainment requires a green room for breaks with a private area for changing, and a comfortable perch in a shaded area for dry performance.


Can I mix & match/Do you do custom packages?

I’ll be happy to put a custom package together for you. Give me a call or let me know in your reply what you’re interested in.

I can't decide which package is right for my event; can you help?

Absolutely! Let’s have a chat and go over the details of your party. I’ll put my years of experience to work for you and we’ll figure out the best fit for you plans. Just let me know in your response what times of day are best to reach you and we’ll set up a consult.

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What’s Next?

If you’re ready to request a booking, please reply to our email or give us a call so we can discuss your event in detail. Don’t delay, dates can book up at anytime.